Best Cordless Steam Mops

Do you enjoy mopping your floors? Do you look forward to all that vigorous scrubbing while you struggle not to slip and fall on your wet floors? We didn’t think so. Mopping up the floor by hand can give you quite a workout, but not everybody is looking for a workout when they just want to get their floor clean and sanitized so they can get on with their day. And that’s where the cordless steam mop comes into play.

What is a Cordless Steam Mop?

A cordless steam mop is a mop that contains a reservoir for water. The water is heated up when you switch on the mop (this typically takes around thirty seconds), and then unit then releases a jet of steam through a microfiber pad. The water inside of a steam mop can be heated to temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is about twice as hot as you can get a standard home squeeze mop. The heat helps to lift particulate off of your floor, and also serves to disinfect the surface.

Below is a list of the Best Cordless Steam Mops:

Most steam mops can kill 99.9% of the germs and bacteria on your floor, making steam mops ideal in professional situations (restaurant or hotel kitchens, for example). It is equally important that you have a sanitary home kitchen to protect your health and that of your family.

How do Cordless Steam Mops work?

When your steam mop heats up the water inside the reservoir, it projects a jet of steam (usually one, but up to fifteen) into the microfiber pad at the base of the unit. Most steam mops come with at least a couple of microfiber pads, which are ideal for different cleaning purposes. The steam heats up and moistens the pad, which pulls dirt effortlessly off the flooring below. After use, the pads can be cleaned and re-used many times before they need to be replaced.

Top 10 Best Cordless Steam Mops

In this guide, I reviewed the 10 best cordless steam mops. I compared water tank capacity, weight, heat up time, cost to give you my best recommendations.

Why buy a steam mop?

Not all steam mops are designed equally. The best steam mops can simplify your life and make cleaning an easy, fast, and fun task. Lower-quality steam mops may not be so easy to use, and may require a lot of maintenance to run. That is why it is key to read up on steam mop reviews before you make your purchase. The reality is however that even the best steam mops may not do that much better on your floors than a standard squeeze mop. So why buy a steam mop instead of using your squeeze mop? Here are a number of advantages of steam mops over squeeze mops:

Easier to use, especially for people with back problems or arthritis

Anyone can enjoy the ease of use which comes from a steam mop. Instead of scrubbing fiercely at your floor to remove stains, you can let the mop do all the work for you. If you do suffer from health issues, this can be a huge benefit. Not everyone can clean their floors effectively by hand without risking injury or experiencing pain. A steam mop makes the job safe and accessible and allows anybody to enjoy a clean floor.

No need for detergent

Detergent is expensive, but with a steam mop, you do not need to use any at all to disinfect your floors. Some machines give you the option of using it if you want, but think of this as one less expense to deal with. Plus, a lot of people dislike the smell of detergent, and for some people detergent may cause allergic reactions.

Dries quickly

One of the biggest benefits of a steam mop is the rate at which the floor dries. Since the cleaning involves steam and not liquid water, your floor dries as you clean it almost immediately. That means no more slipping on your floor or worrying about children or pets taking a spill.


You can use a steam mop on pretty much any floor surface you can imagine—ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, marble, you name it. Steam mop reviews do indicate that certain very dark flooring materials do not handle the process well and there may be a residue left behind. As long as you do not have very dark floors, you shouldn’t experience this problem. The steam mop will leave behind no residue, just a polished, sparkling, clean look. Some steam mops can also be used to clean vertical surfaces like windows and mirrors!

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to purchasing a steam mop. Steam mops are available in a wide range of prices as well, so there is something for any budget. At the lower end, you will find great models for around £50, and at the higher end, a professional steam mop will cost you around £200. Now let’s talk about the features you should look for in a steam mop!

Cordless Steam Mop Features

Reservoir capacity and easy refilling

When you go to purchase a steam mop, check how long the unit can run continuously at the highest setting before you have to refill the reservoir. Some steam mops can only run about 10 minutes. Others can press on toward an hour. Also check how easy it is to empty and fill the reservoir. Does the steam mop have an indicator light telling you when to add more water?

Control settings

Most steam mops include several different steam settings.


Not all units include an on-off switch; some force you to go and unplug the unit at the wall. Some units also include an automatic on-off feature. When the unit is locked into the upright position, it will automatically turn off. The power cord length may also be important to you, so check whether you will need to buy an extension cord. Most steam cleaners include about 20 to 25 feet of cord.

Swivel head

Most high-quality steam mops include a head that can swivel to reach into corners and other tight spaces at different angles.

2-in-1 functionality

Some steam mops are actually two cleaners combined into one unit. The working end may be detachable, allowing you to lift it up and use it as a handheld cleaner on vertical surfaces like windows and mirrors as well as countertops. When you re-attach the head of the unit, it can function again as a floor cleaner.


Steam mops may include a variety of different accessories including additional microfiber pads for different types of spills and stains and different types of attachable extensions which can be used on different services.

Option to use detergent or fragrance discs

While many people enjoy leaving detergents and fragrances behind, others want that “clean” smell after they wash their floors. Some steam mops will allow you to insert fragrance discs or pour in detergent to get that clean scent.


There are large, bulky steam mops that include extra reservoir space. These are ideal if you have large areas to clean and you do not want to keep refilling your reservoirs. There are also small, lightweight, slender models which are ideal for smaller spaces and provide more maneuverability. These models generally cannot run as long without a refill. You need to weigh your priorities when you shop to determine what is more important to you—small dimensions and maneuverability, or reservoir space.


Some steam mops may come with a limited or full warranty, usually for one to two years. If this feature is important to you, make sure to check for it before you check out.

Inventor of modern steam mop

Not so long ago, the modern steam mop invented by a woman named Romi Haan in 1998, she is an Asian woman and lived in South Korea. At first for her own use purpose, she designed an ordinary mop attach with a small water tank, she also add a heating element that generated steam to spray on the floor. Surprisingly, it worked so well then she decided to market it. She develops a prototype in 2001 and 2004 the steam mop hit the mass market.

Haan mortgaged her own home to manufacturing and marketing it. But it was a wise investment. Day by day her steam mops gain worldwide popularity. Today she is the founder and CEO of Hann Corp. In 2010 Hann Corp. made $120 million revenue.

Different type of Steam Mop

You will find many different types of steam mops out there, but it’s hard to find some decent steam mop which matches your needs. The Steam mop can use different floor and other spaces. Based on features, price and performance, we divided those steam mop into three categories.

Floor Steamer

Floor steamers are those steam mop which steams different types of floors such as floor tile, hardwooden floors, and laminate floors. These types of steam mop are easy to use also easy to maintain. Now a day’s floor steamers are the most wanted mops in steam mop market.

Carpet Steamer

You already know that steam mop can steam different type of floor, but there are some particular steam machines which specially designed for cleaning the carpet.  This type of steam mop is kind of heavy, but those steam mops could be the perfect carpet cleaning solution for you.

Multi-purpose Steamer

This type of steam mop can clean hard floor surfaces including wood, laminate, ceramic tile and also can be used on your carpets as well as upholstery. There’s no job too big or too small for the Multi-Purpose steam cleaner. Yes, it is all in one cleaning solution.

How do i find the Best Steam Mop for me

Before you jump into the market to buy a steam mop, you should know what things to consider before buying one. Due to the many choices available out there, buying a steam mop can be very challenging for anyone. Don’t worry we have got you. In below, we mention some of the features you should look before making your purchase.

  1. Variable Steam Control

    A ideal steam mop should have a dial or a trigger which allow you to control steam outlet according to the quality of your floor and also according to the amount of soil you are handling.

  2. Long Power Cord

    Average steam mop in the market will have a power cord of 15-30 feet. Make sure one which has at least 25 feet long power cord. The advantage of long power is you can clean far-flung areas without having to unplug the cord.

  3. Easy Handling

    You should go for a steam mop which easy to handle. A light steam mop with swivel head should be very easy to handle especially when you cleaning hard to reach areas.

  4. Built-In Power Switch

    This is a really good feature you should consider before buying a steam mop. A built-in power on/off switch will allow you to on or off your steam machine instantly. Without this feature, you will have to plug in every time whenever you need to turn it on or off.

  5. A Large Water Tank

    When you have a large water tank in you steam mop, you can clean more time without a break. On average you can clean 45 minutes without stopping to clean your water again.

  6. Removal Water Tank

    You should go for a steam mop which has removal water tank. This feature will allow you to fill water easily. Also, It can be cleaned easily.

Best Cordless Steam Mop in Market

Have no doubt, any of the following product included below in our steam mop reviews will make a great buy although like in every other product in the market; you can have the best product only if you are willing to spend a little bit of cash.

In addition, the market is organized to satisfy their every customer. You can still gain something great if you are on a tight budget.

Vax S84-W7-P Steam Fresh Power Plus Multifunction Steam Mop

4 new from £135.00
8 used from £74.39
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Steam mop, reach wand and handheld - powerful steam cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Steam + detergent removes grease and grime faster than steam alone and leaves your home smelling fresh
  • Steam mop effortless to manoeuvre around the home
  • Compact scrub brush agitates and helps lift stubborn stains on floors
  • Two years guarantee

Kärcher FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner - Cordless Floor Cleaner for Effortless Cleaning of Your Sealed Hard Floors

4 new from £143.80
8 used from £96.78
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Always freshly cleaned - The battery-powered FC 3 Cordless effortlessly removes moisture and dirt from your hard floors and cleans even more efficiently than a mop - reliably and conveniently
  • Twin-tank cleaning system - Two microfibre rollers are permanently moistened from the fresh water tank, at the same time the dirty water is collected in a separate tank - floor cleaning has never been so easy
  • Flexible cleaning - A flexible swivel joint, combined with the slim product design of the FC 3, allows the cordless floor cleaner to move easily under and around furniture
  • The FC 3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner glides effortlessly over any sealed hard floor - The FC 3 makes all hard floors such as laminate, parquet (oiled, waxed, polished), cork, stone, linoleum or PVC shine
  • Included in the box: Hard floor cleaner FC 3 Cordless pair of yellow universal rollers, floor cleaner Universal RM 536 30 ml, parking station with roller storage, battery charger

H2O HD Steam Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner – 1500w Multifunctional & Multipurpose System for Floors, Carpets, Windows, Upholstery, Kitchens & Bathrooms

5 new from £119.99
1 used from £113.84
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • CLEAN: The easiest way to hygienically clean your home without harsh cleaning chemicals
  • SANITISE: Lab Proven to kill 99.9% of germs & bacteria including Salmonella, E.coli, Influenza & Listeria
  • DEODORISE: Steam eliminates nasty odours (including pet odours) easily by breaking them apart
  • SAFE: Steam doesn't leave dangerous chemical residues or vapour making it non-toxic and pet safe
  • QUICK: Quickly heats up steam in just 15 seconds, just add tap waterm, turn on & you're ready to go

Shark Floor & Handheld Steam Cleaner [S6005UK] Klik n' Flip, Lift-Away, 5 Accessories, 2 Settings, Grey/White

3 new from £148.00
30 used from £116.60
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Transforms from a floor steam mop into a handheld steam cleaner with Lift-Away Technology
  • Cleans and sanitises 99.9% of common household bacteria
  • Easily clean all sealed hard floors and surfaces: hardwood, tiles, glass, worktops, ovens and more
  • Touch-free, double-sided cleaning power with Klik 'n’ Flip Technology. Steam Blaster mode for stubborn dirt
  • Includes 5 accessories and 2 machine-washable Dirt Grip cleaning pads

Vileda 157171 Steam Mop (UK Version), Kills 99.9% of Bacteria Without Cleaning Chemicals , Black

5 new from £67.50
13 used from £50.00
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • The quick and easy way to hygienically clean your floors heats up in only 15 seconds
  • Kills 99.9 Percent of bacteria on your floor without the need for any cleaning chemicals
  • Also includes carpet glider for refreshing carpets. Includes two microfibre pads and a filling jug
  • Suitable for use on all sealed hard floor types such as tiles, vinyl, wood and laminate
  • Manufacturers two year guarantee Note: Model number SC-1086 and TSU 157171 resembles same product

Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Multifunction Steam Mop

7 new from £78.98
8 used from £58.90
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Steam + detergent breaks down grease and grime faster than steam alone and leaves floors smelling fresh
  • Built in handheld steamer which is suitable for cleaning of taps, tiles, windows, mirrors and more. Water tank capacity - 0.26 Solution tank capacity - 200 ml, Steaming time - 15 minutes
  • Quick and easy - ready to go in 40 seconds. Steam flow rate 15 gram per minute
  • Angular floor head gets into corners and other hard to reach areas for a more thorough clean
  • Variable steam control with overheat protection.

Shark Klik n' Flip Automatic Steam Mop [S6003UK] 3 Settings, 8m Cord, Bordeaux/Steel Grey

6 new from £99.00
3 used from £78.32
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Dirt grip technology - Double sided microfiber pads trap household dirt With and a quick drying time
  • Steam Blaster mode - a direct blast of Superheated, concentrated steam
  • 3 Intelligent direct steam controls - for consistent, Targeted, cleaning without Streaking.
  • Eliminates 99. 9% of common household bacteria, ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind

BISSELL CrossWave Cordless | 3-in-1 Cordless Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner | Up To 30 Minutes Run Time | Vacuums, Washes & Dries With Improved Edge Cleaning | 2582E

18 new from £199.99
9 used from £145.09
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Trusted Reviews Recommended.
  • 3-In-1 multi-functional cordless cleaner - Vacuum, Wash and dry all at the same time!
  • Cordless convenience - The powerful 36V lithium-ion battery gives you 30 minutes run-time
  • Multi-surface cleaning - designed to clean your sealed hard floors and area rugs
  • Easy-to-empty dirty water tank with debris strainer

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ201UK] and Shark Klik n' Flip Automatic Steam Mop [S6003UK]

as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • 5-year guarantee, and 2-year guarantee on battery and steam mop upon registration with Shark
  • Cordless vacuum with Anti Hair Wrap Technology – actively removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean
  • Up to 40 minutes run-time* – DuoClean glides across all floors and Flexology bends tyo clean under furniture
  • Steam mop eliminates 99. 9% of common household bacteria, ideal for allergy sufferers with 3 Intelligent direct steam controls - for consistent, Targeted, cleaning without Streaking.
  • Dirt grip technology - Double sided microfiber pads trap household dirt With and a quick drying time

Shark Steam Mop [S1000UK] Pocket Mop, White & Green

4 new from £68.85
Free shipping
as of June 24, 2022 3:15 pm


  • Lightweight steam mop: Confidently clean and sanitise your hard floors using just water
  • On-demand steam control: Push to pump just the right amount of steam
  • Dirt grip pads, machine-washable, reusable microfiber cleaning pads
  • Two years extended manufacturer warranty for complete peace of mind (upon registration with Shark)
  • Includes: 1 x 375 ml removable water tank, 2 x dirt grip pads


No matter what model you have chosen to clean your dust, you should always read the manufacturer’s instruction, and you should follow them to the later. Also, you have to stay with your best steam mop when It’s plugged in particularly in the presence of kids and pets. After all, even the best steam mop out there can be a hazard when it used inappropriately. Instead of that, when you use your mop in an appropriate way it will serve you well and get your money’s worth.

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