Guidelines for Steam Mop Cleaning

Technological innovations have a lot to marvel. Who would ever think that even traditional floor mopping can be brought to the next level? Thanks to the wonders of “steam mops”. With the advent of this incredible cleaning tool, more and more households will be able to make their premises free from dust, dirt, and other unpleasant materials that sick on the floor. Unlike ordinary mops, however, you may need little preparatory works if you are planning to steam mop your floors. You will know about them as you go over the entire page.

Preparation of the Floor

This is the most necessary step before you engage in steam mopping. Remove dust and dirt on your floor before you sweep it using a cordless steam mop. You may do this by either sweeping the floor with traditional soft broom-and-dust pan or by eliminating level particles through vacuum cleaning. Preferably, vacuum cleaning is better because such method will be able to pull out dust, crack filthy particles, floor paint lint, and any other floor debris. This way you’ll see dirty mop head. Once this is done, you are then ready to do the steam mopping work.

If you find using separate cleaning tools inconvenient on your part, you may choose a dual-function steam mop. Such type of mops can do the sweeping and steam of the floor at the same time. Just bear in mind, however, that greater features often come at higher prices. With the convenience that a dual-function steam mop has to offer, who would not be willing to spend for it anyway?

Use Several Mop Pads

The main reason why you spend your time to mop the floor is to make it cleaner than ever. This is less like to become possible if you are using a single mop pad. To avoid smearing or trailing of dirt as you mop the floors, be sure to have several steam mop pads. By doing so, you will be able to change a dirty pad instantly in case there is a need to, thus saving you time.

You need not worry about the price of steam mop pads anyway. Such pads generally come at reasonable prices. What’s more amazing with these mop pads is that they are washable, which means that you can use them over and over again. After using, you will just have to wash and dry it and presto. You can use them the next time you will steam mop your hardwood floors.

Steam Mop Sealed Floors

This night sound a little far from efficiency issues, however, very important when you talk about general floor care. Always ensure that you are steam mopping only sealed floors. Excess moisture on unsealed floors can damage certain surfaces. Additionally, you should not leave an active steam cleaner for grout and tile unattended while doing something else. Steam will eventually accumulate resulting to damages on floor surface.

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