Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Floor maintenance is critical. The more expensive it is, the more you have to work on it. When it comes to hardwood, you have probably spent a fortune on it. Luckily, maintenance should not post too many problems, especially if you know what to prevent. Pay attention to a few hardwood floor care tips and your flooring will last forever.

Simple tips to keep hard floors in a good shape

First, waxing is probably the best way to protect your hard floors. Wax will not only become a superior layer to take all the wear and tear (like scratches or dropped items), but it will also give your floors some brightness. How often should you wax? It depends on what kind of wax you get. Normally, you should do it once or twice a year.

Tea has amazing benefits over hard floors. While this is not always among the best hardwood floor care tips, you should know that two teabags and boiling water make one of the best finishes for floors. Prepare the tea, then use a clean cloth and rub it on the floors. The cloth should not be wet, but just slightly damp. The tea acid will provide an exquisite shine.

Vacuuming is the best way to handle hardwood floors. It depends on how much traffic you got, not to mention the size of your family. Some people do it everyday, while others do it weekly. Good hard floor vacuums have mild brushes on the tips, so you can prevent scratching the floor. On the other hand, although 95% of all people do it, mopping is contraindicated. Sure, it might be accepted if you do not have the time to vacuum, but the mop should not actually get into water. Instead, spray some water on it. Plus, never use it if your floors are not sealed. Water will penetrate wood and cause swelling.

Cleaning spills as soon as they occur is one of the best hardwood floor care tips as well. The more acid the drink is, the worse. Use a clean cloth. If you have hardwood floors as you enter the house, it might be a good idea to get a long doormat for your guests.

Finally, furniture should have rubber legs. Lightweight pieces (like coffee tables) will not slip either. If you have an office chair, you should also opt for rubber wheels. They are safer and provide better traction too.

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