How to Protect Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen?

There is a wide plethora of inexpensive methods to protect hardwood floors in a kitchen. Hardwood floors are said to last a lifetime, but you also need to maintain them accordingly. Be enthusiastic about the protection and remember that kitchen is more aggressive than other parts of your home. It is exposed to moisture, humidity and all kinds of substances that you may not actually use in other areas.

As a general rule of thumb, you have to clean a spill as soon as it occurs. Use a steam mop for hardwood floors. A little moisture will not ruin the floor anyway, yet a dry mop will just spread the corrosive substance around. As long as it can dry within a minute, you can congratulate yourself for a good job.

On a different note, the sink is one of the most harmful elements. Whether you wash dishes or you clean your hands, a few drops will always end up on the floor. Sometimes, an entire washing procedure may provoke a little “lake” in front of the sink. Once again, wipe everything right away.

If you have the ambition to use hardwood flooring around the sink, it might be a good idea to use a mat when cooking too. The mat should not be penetrable. If it is, you end up with a moisturized mat resting on your hardwood for hours, which will cause swelling. Opt for a rubber one instead.

Finally, pay attention to leaks. The kitchen houses most domestic appliances in the area. Many of them rely on water. If some of them start leaking and you cannot spot the problem right away, you will regret it later. Pay special attention to the dishwasher. Consider sealing the surface too.

Jason Godwin

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