Installing Hardwood Flooring In The Kitchen – Pros and Cons

You probably know already how daunting it is to renovate a kitchen. Small details often make the difference. You have to analyze all kinds of elements, considerations, materials, pros and cons. As if all these were not enough, reviews become even more challenging because they can seriously confuse you. Despite all these, most people focus on small details more than they do it on big details. Along with the walls and ceiling, flooring represents a top-notch consideration. Hardwood is a leading material – natural, good looking, warm, classic and elegant. However, the kitchen is also a high traffic area. What do you choose then?


Good looking

Hardwood flooring is breathtaking and can certainly make a statement. It looks natural, but it can also maintain its beauty overtime because it never goes out of fashion. Add the scent, grains, texture and style and you can congratulate yourself for an excellent choice. Pure beauty is part of your home now.

Actual investment

Hardwood flooring represents an investment. Why? Simple – it can boost the value of your home overnight. If you are looking forward to sell, chances are you can add to the final price. Sure, the flooring must be perfectly installed and maintained. Besides, good maintenance can keep the flooring in a good shape for a lifetime.

Exquisite feeling

Nothing is more comfortable than waking up in a cold morning and stepping on a carpet. On the same principle, you would love stepping on tiles on a hot summer day. Hardwood flooring is somewhere in the middle. It is a pleasure to walk on it, regardless of the year time or weather conditions.

It is forgiving

If you drop breakable items on a ceramic tile, chances are they will give up. Hardwood floors are obviously hard too, but they are also softer. Your favorite plate or vase might have a second chance, yet you should still be careful. There are no guarantees for this second chance.

Easy maintenance

Hardwood flooring maintenance does not ask for too much. As long as the floor is thoroughly sealed, you should have no problems wiping up spills or clearing dust. You can just as well use steam mops or vacuums, as long as you do not actually soak your floors in water. Just use a wet mop and sweep around.


More expensive than other materials

Hardwood floors are more expensive than other materials. The more exotic the material is, the more expensive they are. For example, rosewood and teak are among the pricey varieties. Sure, you can find more affordable alternatives as well. Good maintenance will not make the difference between one hardwood and another.

Susceptible to water damage

Just because you clean your hardwood floors with a wet mop, it does not mean that they will swell. However, if you forget the tap water on or you got a leak, chances are the floor will swell. Water can penetrate the sealant, so be careful about these things.

Frequent maintenance

It does not necessarily mean that you have to do it everyday. Besides, you will not sweat while maintaining hardwood floors either. Just keep in mind that you have to wipe spills up as soon as they occur. At the same time, you need mopping or vacuuming about twice or thrice a week, depending on what you do inside the kitchen. Some people only read newspapers, so they never cook.


In the end, hardwood flooring in the kitchen will not raise too many problems if you treat it accordingly and pay attention to its requirements.

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