Things You Should Consider When Looking for the Best Steam Mop on the Market

Steam mops are becoming an innovation for floor washing. With the same amount of time, using the power of steam is more effective than a wet swiffer-style mop. Although floor steam cleaners cost much more than the popular non-electric mop, they are increasingly popular, convenient, efficient and worthwhile to have one. With a cleaner, you have to get down on hands and knees to clean baseboards, corners and tight areas; however, you may not want to use traditional mop once you apply a best cordless steam mop.

Kinds of Steam Mops

Steam mop has two kinds: one-sided cleaning and two-sided one. For two-sided one, you can flip the mop head over and use the other side of the cloth to clean. The two-sided mop is most convenient because when one side is dirty, you can turn to the other side without unplugging or changing the cloth. Apart from minor design differences, both of these mops are the same for handling, use and care.

Performance, Cleaning Ability

It is difficult for consumers to compare between models because some floor steam cleaners do list the power of steam or wattage on their stock specs, but others do not. However, in common, they are quite the same when it comes to power and it is better for the higher the wattage. Assistance of performance is also from full steam coverage on the mop pad. Some kinds have pump-driven steam which ejects steam as you work with the mop, while others use a trigger button. Some prefer the trigger control; others find no effect between the two kinds.

Weight & Handling

It is easy to handle floor steamers; you don’t need to dip a heavy wet cotton floor mop. You will have little effort to use them if the model is large in design. The thing affecting handling is the water tank position. Spend a little time on searching for the mop you intend to buy to know accessories, features and especially lift and handling. Steam mops generally have swivel heads that make them easy to move around corners.

Steam Mop Accessories

Some steam mops have two or more shapes of mop heads as well as custom cloths with replacements, other ones have only one mop cloth. With a mop head – triangular or rectangular, you will more flexible to get into corners or cover a large floor area quickly. It is best for steam mops to have more accessories. To keep a mop cloth for long time, it depends on many factors but it’d better to have available spare cloth. It’s essential to check the accessories coming with the model and if there isn’t any spare mop cloth, let’s buy at least one.

Benefits of a Steam Mop

In addition to the convenience and less time than with a regular floor mop and bucket, a steam mop for hardwood floors takes very little effort. You won’t have to bend, wring or have water pail, smell and expensive cleansers. These best floor steamers use only water and take little space to store. Repeat again, once you use this wonderful tool, you won’t hesitate to eject traditional floor washing.

Features of a Best Steam Mop

Beside power and steam features, a few items are ready for looking at. The best steam mop is thick, absorbent, durable and easy to attach fastening system. Moreover, a long cord is most handy. It is useful to assort heads of various shapes for cleaning large areas or into corners. Pay attention to fill the reservoir and the size. You will be easy to hang with a comfortable handle and hole or hook. In case you have low carpets, it’s necessary to have the rug tray accessory which makes you have ability to steam “dust” carpets. And finally, the best steam mop needs to have an adjustable handle.

Steam Mop Care & Maintenance

Before deciding to trade one, let’s look at tips on what you shouldn’t do with a floor steam cleaner for tile and grout to make it more convenient. The manufacturer’s use and care recommendations may not be replaced but rather compliment them. Children shouldn’t use this mop because it has hot steam and electrical nature of the mop. You shouldn’t store plugged in and put any detergents in the water tank because they are just with only water.

Consumer Tips

You may concern about trading an extended warranty contract when you want to buy any items. It may include advantages and disadvantages to buy one; however, you can have more suggestions from these tips. Read product manual because it contains safe tips, important use and care information. Besides, you can find a list of parts which you may need to replace someday.

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