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Steam mops cleaning is now taking the whole world by storm, and it is for a good reason. The steam mop offers a faster way to cleaning your floors as compared to using the conventional bucket and mop, and the best thing is that this can clean your floor more efficiently and more. But for sure, some of you are still skeptical about this particular cleaning method so take the time to read this guide for you to decide if this cleaning strategy will work for you or not.

How Steam Mops Cleaning Works

If you think about it, you will discover that it is a very simple system. This kind of cleaning will only heat the water that will be turned into steam. It will then pass through the mop before heading on to the floors. It lets you get the stains that are hard to remove without all the scrubbing. The perfect thing is that this can also help in sanitizing your floors through killing off most bacteria forms which can be a possible hazard.

Drying Time

It is something that can always irritate most people when using the proverbial bucket and mop since they have to ensure that they will leave enough time for the floor to completely dry off. If your household is busy, it can limit you if you are cleaning your floors. For instance, there are those who prefer not to mop their floors before the kids are back from their school or if their dog was due back from the afternoon walk. Shouting at the kids and pets to stay off the floor is not a pleasant thing at all.

But with the help of cordless steam mops, the drying time will be dramatically reduced. However, if there are some stains that are particularly hard to remove, the majority of the models will require you to hold the head of the mop over that area for some time. If it happens, you will discover that the steam will turn back to water and will leave behind some residue.


Most of the mops that use steam can be utilized for the hard floor surfaces only, but many of them are going to deal with different materials like ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood, and linoleum, just to name a few. But, if you are prepared to spend some extra, there are also models which come with different attachments so that you can also tackle areas such as grout, countertops and various crevices that can be a hiding place for dirt.

You also need to ensure that the size of the mop head that is included is going to meet the requirements for the places that you have. Get something too small, and it will take much longer, get something too large and you will find it hard to get close to the corners or edges.


Now, it is something that can put off a lot of people when it comes to the use of steam mops, but if you take time the to correctly read the care manual, the maintenance of this unit can be very easy as heating the floors. Most of the maps come with a minimum of two mop pads, yet you need to look after them. Of course, eventually, they will require replacing, but you have to ensure that you wash them right after use, particularly after heavy cleaning jobs or you can rinse them at least and see to it that they are dried properly. If you will not, mildew will set in which is among the largest reasons why people need to replace them often.

Ease of Use

Many of the steam mops are very easy to use. You just have to put water in the reservoir, turn the unit on and wait for the production of steam. These are also even more lightweight as compared to the traditional mops, eliminating the need for you to lug around that water bucket. With this kind of mop, there will be no more elbow grease as well since they will just glide across the floor surface instead of you having to scrub your floors manually. It is not just perfect for those who would like to save more time, but it is also perfect for those who find it difficult to move around.

Storage and Safety

It will all depend on how much you are willing to spend. There are manufacturers who are producing steam mops which have their very own holding mat. It means that there is no reason for you to wait for the mop to cool down and it will protect the surface where you are storing it. Of course, you will be dealing with steam that is scorching so it is recommended that you also read the manual carefully before you use your chosen mop. In general, these are also less bulky compared to the traditional mops and will not take much space inside your laundry room. Also, there is the additional benefit of finally being able to say goodbye to that bucket.

Things You Should Not Do with Steam Mops

It can be exciting when you get a brand new appliance inside your home, almost feeling like you are a child with a brand new toy. It might be all too easy to dive straight in without actually thinking about the possible consequences. As far as steam mops are concerned, there are some things you should never, ever do.

  • Switching on even before you are ready – The very first thing that you have to remember is that plugging the mop to the power supply most be the last thing that you should do before you use it. There are some reasons behind this. For starters, you are dealing with steam which can make the head scalding. Next, you are dealing with electricity and water so handling something that is wet while it is turned on will mean an ER trip. So, what you have to do instead is to fill water into the reservoir first, select the attachment that you like to use and connect this to the main unit. Ensure that you will use with the head of the mop has been attached as well. When you are ready, that is the only time to switch on the power.
  • Letting the mop go idle – It can be too easy to be in the middle of getting your floors clean, and then something happens that can take away your attention from the job. Perhaps there is someone at the door, or the phone rings suddenly. Whatever the case, see to it that you switch off the mop and make sure that the mop is not in contact with the surface that you are cleaning. If you think that you can get on with a different thing while the mop is heating up, you better think again. There are models that can burn in a few seconds, and if you leave them on the floor surface, it will not take that long before it causes damages to the material that you are working.

Treating The Steam Mop As It Is A Vacuum Cleaner

The mops have been designed for cleaning, sanitizing and removing dirt that has dried. These are not meant for picking up dust or any other loose debris sitting on the floor surface. This is the most common complaint of most users. You have to make sure that you vacuum the floor first. If you will not, you are going to risk clogging the steam mop up with debris as this has not been designed for dealing with which can cause a breakdown. Also, this will not give you the kind of results that you are after.

You have to remember that the steam mops are not really for everyone. There are some people who will get a sense of satisfaction if they work hard when they clean but for the rest of you who are searching for a more eco-friendly and a more efficient way to clean that will also sanitize at the same time, the steam mop is something that you might want to consider. By shopping for the best unit, you can be sure that you will be getting the most out of your money and ensure a cleaner home for you and your whole family. Try Steam Mops Cleaning!

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